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Mrs Harriet Gaskin and family at the Toll HouseMrs Harriet Gaskin with Mrs Bradshaw and Mrs Greenhalgh (her mother and grandmother) descending from the Dan Bank Toll House towards Marple Brook - it's an unusual angle, they are going down the small road opposite Dooley Lane. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Sep 12, 2023
Mrs Harriet Gaskin and family at Roman BridgeMrs Harriet Gaskin with daughter Maud, Mrs Bradshaw and Mrs Greenhalgh (mother and grandmother) on the Roma Bridge. One of the men in the foreground is Albert Gaskin but we don't know which. From Marple Local History Society Archives. Sep 12, 2023
Mellor Football Club 1980sA Mellor Football Club team from the 1980s provided by George Dearsley (Hon President Mellor FC).Sep 12, 2023
Mellor Football Club 1923One of the very first teams at Mellor Football Club from when they were formed in 1923. Provided by George Dearsley (Hon President Mellor FC).Sep 12, 2023
Mrs Harriet Gaskin and daughter Maud at StrinesFour generations - Harriet and daughter Maud on Strines Road with grandmother and great-grandmother Mrs Greenhalgh and Mrs Bradshaw. They are just passing Plucksbridge Road in the direction of Marple (the house on the right is very recognisable) and Strines Printworks is to the left. From Marple Local History Society Archives. Sep 05, 2023
Goyt Mill Nursery 1949Children and their teacher / supervisor at the Goyt Mill Nursery in 1949 provided by Marjorie Donaldson. That's her front row 2nd left and her sister is behind her, holding a triangle. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Jul 24, 2023
Mrs Harriet Gaskin and family at Strines AqueductHarriet and Maud Gaskin are recognisable from the other photo - same hats - but we're not sure who the family members are in this image at Strines Aqueduct. Others living at Springfield Avenue in 1911 were: husband Albert Gaskin, age 27, her father Squire Greenhalgh, age 53, her mother Betsy Greenhalgh, age 50, and her grandmother Harriett Bradshaw, age 70. The building on the right of the Aqueduct is the Wharfinger's House, of which there is no trace today. From Marple Local History Society's Archives.Mar 22, 2023
Mrs Harriet Gaskin and daughter Maud at the Jolly SailorAccording to the 1911 census the Gaskin family lived at Springfield Avenue, Union Road, Marple. Maud was 6 years old in 1911 and she looks close to that age in this image as they stroll past the Jolly Sailor at the junction of Stockport Rd and Station Rd. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Mar 22, 2023

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EventsEvents in Marple are dominated by Marple Carnival, which has been a huge success for many years and has it own album. In addition there have been many other processions, dedications and celebrations, as well as several less enjoyable incidents including fires, floods, explosions and crashes when someone just happened to have a camera at the ready.
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Miscellaneous Events


Events as varied as an explosion on Stockport Road, the burning down of the Bowling Green Pub and flooding at Chadkirk are featured in this album.

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Remembrance Services


Remembrance Services in Marple Memorial Park. Also includes the Ride of Remembrance organised by the Marple Poppy Appeal Team in October 2021 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

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Marple Carnivals (Vintage)


The 'Revived' Marple Carnival has been running since 1962. Prior to this it's not clear how often they were held but there is evidence in this album that they started as early as 1905. Click here to read more about the history of Marple Carnival.

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Dedication of Memorial Park 1922


On Saturday 22nd July 1922 Marple War Memorial Park was dedicated to the people of Marple by the Carver-Barlow family during a Historical Pageant illustrating Events in the Life of Marple for Early Times. These amazing photos from that day, probably taken by official photographer W.V. Garner, mean we can dedicate a complete album to this event.

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Snow in the 1940s


Modern winters just don't compare to those in Marple during the 1940s but everyone still looks like they're having a great time. There is some conflict about dates for certain photos as they are included in Marple Local History archives in different folders with different details. In these cases both copies are included with the conflicting captions. If you any more information about these times, please get in touch.

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Marple Rally of Boats


Marple Rally of Boats was a national campaigning event to focus attention on the unnavigable state of Marple Locks, the Peak Forest Canal and Ashton Canals. The first large rally was in 1966 (200+ boats). These events kick-started the voluntary efforts by a number of organisation including the Peak Forest Canal Society and Inland Waterways Association, which culminated with reopening of boat canals in 1974.

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Queen's visit to Marple 1968


On 16 May 1968 her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Marple to take a look at the work done by Marple Civic Society to revitalise the Possett Bridge area of Marple's Peak Forest Canal. The photos in this album were published by Gordon Mills in a commemorative programme.

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Oldknow Bicentenary Celebrations 1990


In June 1990 the Marple Community held a two week long festival called Oldknow 200 to celebrate the achievements of Samuel Oldknow and the bicentenary of the erection of Mellor Mill in 1790. The photos in this album have been provided by Marple Local History Society. If you dig through your drawers and find any more we'd be pleased to add them too.

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PeopleWe've got so many pictures of people in a huge variety of different situations that we've had to divide them up into separate albums. We've done this by splitting them loosely into large formal groups in one album and smaller informal groups and individuals in the other.
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Larger Groups


This album contains photographs of larger groups, usually formally posed, ranging from Marple Swimming Club, to Marple Band and local schools to football and hockey teams. Some are unidentified, so if you know then please tell us.

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Smaller Groups and Individuals


This album contains a huge variety of people pictures in all kinds of circumstances. Mainly individuals and smaller informal groups (but not always) what these photographs all have in common is a strong link to Marple and District.

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All Saints' School


The first All Saints’ National School was established in Marple in 1831 in the upper room of the barn at Chapel House Farm on Suttons Lane. The first school building on the present site was constructed in 1837 and this was replaced by a new building in 1902 that remains today, albeit extended significantly in 1964.

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Albert British Day Schools


The Albert British Day Schools were established in 1868 by the Carver family in the Sunday school buildings on Church Lane that were linked with the Congregational Chapel (now United Reformed Church) that they had erected on Hibbert Lane in 1865. Apparently attendance at the school ensured half-time employment at Hollins Mill!

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Ludworth School


Ludworth was opened in the Autumn of 1908 under the headmastership of Mr Alfed Heppleston, when it was part of the Derbyshire Education Authority. Following receipt of a large number of photos relating mainly to the headmastership of Mr Harold Butterworth between 1912 and the 1930s this album has been created to hold all photos relating to the school and those that were scattered throughout other albums on the site have been moved here to bring them all together.

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Ardern / Harrop Family


A file from Marple Local History Society's Archives on the Ardern family of Marple Bridge that illustrates how important it is to properly label your photos for future generations. Unfortunately this collection isn't well documented, so many names are missing. Please get in touch if you recognise anyone or spot any errors.

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Marple Firefighters


An album dedicated to Marple Fire Station and the Whole and Retained Firefighters who have served their community over many years.

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Marple's Women's Land Army Girl


In her 90th year Mrs Jean Procter MBE ( MBE received in 1998 for services to the Women's Land Army) went to number 10 Downing Street in London, on the 23rd July 2008, to receive her Badge and Certificate for War time effort in the Women's Land Army. She was one of 50 ladies to go to London to meet Gordon Brown and to be presented with her badge and certificate by Hillary Benn MP. Photos by Kathryn Procter.

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Marple 2000 - The Millennium GalleriesLocal photographer David Brindley worked on this Lottery funded project with Marple Local History Society for over twelve months during the year 2000. The objective was to create a photographic archive of Marple at the turn of the millennium, the old postcards of tomorrow so to speak. Their efforts culminated in an exhibition in Marple Library during May 2001 that featured shots of people and places in Marple taken during millennium year. We have now been given access to the archives and plan to put them on-line progressively, hopefully enlisting David’s help with the captions. This category is under construction.
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Local Shops


Photographs of local shops from inside and out taken by David Brindley in the year 2000 as part of the Millennium Project for Marple Local History Society.

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Street Scenes


Photographs of local street scenes taken by David Brindley in the year 2000 as part of the Millennium Project for Marple Local History Society.

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Canals & Waterways


Photographs of Marple's canals and waterways taken by David Brindley in the year 2000 as part of the Millennium Project for Marple Local History Society.

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Photographs of events in Marple taken by David Brindley in the year 2000 as part of the Millennium Project for Marple Local History Society.

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Public Places


Photographs of public places in Marple taken by David Brindley in the year 2000 as part of the Millennium Project for Marple Local History Society.

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Marple Children's Orthopaedic Hospital (Treetops)Originally built in 1912 by the Cripples Help Society to give disabled children a holiday, Treetops became a Children's Orthopaedic Hospital in the 1930s. We've included this album of photos from the 1930s under 'People & Events' as it's more about the people who stayed there than the building itself.
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Marple Childrens' Orthopaedic Hospital


Treetops had its own X-ray facilities, plaster room and even an iron lung for polio victims. Many of the children were long term patients, some staying for up to two years. Most of the photos in this album are believed to be taken during a 1930s Christmas. Treetops closed its doors for the last time towards the end of 2001 and homes are now built on the site.

106 files, last one added on Feb 12, 2021
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1905 Crippled Children's Home on Cross Lane3858 viewsA holiday home for crippled children was started in a cottage on Cross Lane in 1907, which led to the building of the Children's Orthopaedic Hospital in Dale Road. But this postcard is dated 1905 on the back! From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Rose Hill Station in winter3304 viewsThe severe winter of 1947 brings chaos to the trains at Rose Hill Station - You can just make out the chimney of the Railway pub in the background.
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital c1947-493002 viewsA ceremony outside the Children's Orthopaedic Hospital some time between 1947 and 1949.
See comment for names. Click the photo for a larger version.
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 19462910 viewsA live radio broadcast from the Orthopaedic Hospital in 1946 including Wilfred Pickles, Violet Carson, Doris Groves and Hugh Morton. The program was called 'Stuff and Nonsense'.
Willows School Teachers 1953/542881 viewsWillows School teachers in 1953/54.
L-R (Back) Mr. Robinson, Mr. Trevor (Taffy) Williams, Mr. Percy Jackson, Mr. (Daddy) Hayes.
(Front) Mrs. Greenwood (School Secretary), Mrs. Hulker, Mrs. J. Booth, Headmaster Mr Reginald Stanton (Korky) Edwards, 2 unknowns & Mrs Bloomfield.
Queen's visit to Marple 1968 - 092874 viewsThe Queen meets the young people of Marple in May 1968. The young lady between the Queen and the girl guide is Diane Chew. Can you identify any of the others?
Bowling Green Fire2849 views11th September 2001 - Whilst history on a global scale was being made in New York.
Bowling Competition 1963-642663 viewsCouncil Chairman in 1963-64 J. H. Grimshaw (with the chain) and his council team were defeated in a competition with Memorial Park Bowling Club. From Marple Local History Society Archives.

Random files - People and Events
09 December Shop Window CompetitionMarple Cracker Shop Window Competition third prize - Helen Winterson. By Arthur Procter.
Pop-up Christmas Makers' MarketMarple's Pop-up Christmas Market on Saturday 1 December 2018, by Arthur Procter.
Climate Crisis in Marple 2019An event organised by Marple, Mellor & Marple Bridge Energy Saving Strategy (MESS) on Sunday 29 September 2019. Photo by Arthur Procter.
FOLK at Marple Lime KilnsFriends of Oldknow's Lime Kilns Christmas Celebration and Lights on Friday 20 December 2019. By Arthur Procter.
Day 10 - Festival Brass QuintetFestival Brass Quintet at the Carver Theatre. By Arthur Procter.
Rose Hill Station 150Rose Hill Station 150 celebrations by Arthur Procter.
Marple Christmas Cracker 2010Santa arrives at the 2010 Marple Christmas Cracker. By Terry Wood.
SaversThe window of Savers on Market Street in 2000.
A Millennium Project photo by David Brindley / Marple Local History Society.

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