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Bowdens at Marple CarnivalBowden's Coal Merchant horses prepared for the big day. L to R. Judd ? Punch (the horse), Sam Bowden Jnr., Gilbert (the horse), Sam Bowden Snr., Ronald Bowden.
Carnival GatheringGathering (probably carnival) outside Peace Farm, Stockport Road. (now the site of Texaco petrol station).
Carnival HorsesHorses prepared for Marple Carnival, date unknown.
Marple CarnivalMarple Carnival passes the entrance to Memorial Park, date unknown.
Marple CarnivalMarple Carnival on Stockport Road, date unknown.
Marple CarnivalMarple Carnival passes Hollins Mill, date unknown.
Marple Carnival 1900sA horse and carriage waiting on the corner of Lyme Grove, we think to join a Marple Carnival parade in the early 1900s.
Marple Carnival 1900sBrown's Social Wheeler queue on Willow Grove, we think waiting to join a Marple Carnival parade in the early 1900s. Those odd things on the front of the bikes are feathers blurred by the long exposure.
Marple Carnival 1905A picture from Marple Carnival in June 1905. Bill Arden is on the smaller horse.
Marple Carnival 1906Crowds gather at the corner of Market Street and Stockport Road during Marple Carnival in 1906.
Marple Carnival 1906Marple Carnival in 1906. The girls are in a field that is now the site of the council houses by the Vet on Hibbert Lane.
Marple Carnival 1920sThe Marple Carnival Parade passes the ivy covered frontage of Hollins Mill in the 1920s.
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