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Dedication of Marple War MemorialLaying of a wreath on Marple War Memorial during the dedication in July 1922.
Updated with a copy from Marple Local History Society Archives 14 March 2010.
Dedication of Marple War MemorialThe Marple War Memorial soon after the dedication. Notice Marple's Tank in the background!
Dedication of Marple War MemorialLiterally thousands turned out for the Dedication Day of Marple War Memorial on 22nd July 1922.
Dedication of Marple War Memorial?This photo from Marple Local History Society Archives looks like it is from the 1922 Pageant to dedicate the War Memorial - see little girl laying flowers on memorial. This looks like it is the parade on Market Street. What do you think?
Group 01 - 1220This group represented Robert De Stokeport (B. Adshead) and his Foresters, played by H. Greehalgh, J. Leadbitter, G. Higginbottom, H. Haughton, J. Pickford, F. Wild, H. Chadwick, G. Platt, H. Sherlock and A. Wild, who are not all there!
Group 01 - 1220Robert De Stockport and his Foresters, we think on the Church Lane section of the route, which also included Market Street, Hawk Green, Hibbert Lane and Stockport Road.
Group 03 - 1398Sir Richard Vernon, played by J. T. Ashton, with his Archers, who included W. Allan, E. Ashton, C. CLose, F. Crowley, F. Davenport, F. Emmot, J. W. Fernley, F. Jones, W. B. Hulse and A. and J. Higginbottom.
Group 04 - 1550Sir George Vernon (W. Crossley) with his Retainers Hilton Walker, H. Booth, J. Kelsall, W. Mather, J.E. Crossley, L. Harrop, J. R. Kenworthy, J. Osbaldeston, F. Platt, G. Thorley, W. Whitby and H. Pitt. The Jester is T. Goodman.
Group 05 - 1560Sir John Manners, played by C. F. Budenburg, Jnr. and Dorothy Vernon played by Miss Hilda Barlow. Presumably Dorothy is the one riding side-saddle without the moustache.
Group 07 1625 - 49Charles I, seated in the centre, was played by E. Rockliffe. The four carriers seated at the front were J. Barton, W. Burrell, R. Wild and S.Wilcox. The remainder of the Cavaliers were J. Smith, N. Andrews, E.Brookes, C. Bennison, T. Heap, S. Pott, R. Ryder, W. Taylor, W. Thorley, W. Wild, T. Wyatt and T. Yarwood. Unfortunately we have no way of telling who was who.
Group 07 1625 - 49A different shot of Charles I and his group of Cavaliers gives us the opportunity to mention that the sedan chair in the previous picture was apparently kindly lent by DE LUZY, Parfumeur, Paris!
Group 07 1625 - 49A newspaper cutting showing Group 7, Charles I and his Cavaliers, in Memorial Park during the 1922 Historical Pageant.
From Marple Local History Society Archives.
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