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Marple War MemorialMarple War Memorial in Memorial Park from a glass slide provided by Alan McDowell, taken not long after it was dedicated in 1922. This helps to date the accompanying slides. 55555
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Marple War MemorialA close-up of Marple War Memorial not long after it was dedicated in 1922. From a glass slide provided by Alan McDowell.55555
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Memorial Park 1960sMarple Memorial Park (first Teen Shelter) taken by Gordon Mills c1960.55555
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Hollins House 1960Marple Council Offices, Hollins House, taken by Gordon Mills on Christmas Day 1960.55555
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Memorial Park Yachting Pool 1960sThe yachting or boating pool in Memorial Park, taken by Gordon Mills c1960. 55555
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Sundial in Memorial Park 1969The sundial in Marple Memorial Park. Notice the large wall around the former Hollins Mill site in the background. From Marple Local History Society Archives. 55555
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Christmas in Hollins Mill CanteenChristmas celebrations in the Hollins Mill Canteen, early 1950s. The man far right with glasses and bow tie is Charley Close and next to him is his wife Lea. They lived on Brindley Avenue and were the M.C.'s at local dances.55555
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Memorial Park LodgeThe lodge at the Station Road entrance to the Memorial Park in the snow.55555
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Memorial Park LodgeAnother view of the lodge at the Station Road entrance to the Memorial Park.55555
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Hollins Mill'Blaster' Bates takes out the Hollins Mill Chimney in 1957.55555
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Hollins Mill c1890Workers leaving the Hollins Mill via the entrance on Stockport Road around 1890. The lady with the arrow above her head is Lavinia Moss, Dorothy Green's Grandmother.44444
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Hollins Mill 1957Demolition of Hollins Mill in 1957. Photos taken by artist Paul Keen.44444
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