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Sketch of Marple Hall from the ornamental lake.4651 viewsThis view is from Marple Dale, where there was an ornamental lake with steps leading down the bank from the hall. Updated from Marple Local History Society Archives 15 August 2010.
Marple Hall from the main driveway.3348 viewsThe hall's decline is not yet apparent in this shot from the main drive at the front.
Marple Hall in ruins 1.3015 viewsThe hall begins to crumble.
Marple Hall3014 viewsA full-on view showing the sundial and the balcony above the front door.
Marple Hall Layout2999 viewsHere's a plan view of the layout of Marple Hall to help orientate yourself when looking at some of the photos in this album. Updated on 22 August 2010 with a version showing more buildings.
Marple Hall2984 viewsA shot of Marple Hall from the front provided by Betty Longmate, daughter of Betty Tunstall who lived there from 1923 to 1932 with her parents, the caretakers.
Marple Hall2910 viewsA unique view of Marple Hall showing that there were inner and outer entrance gates to the grounds immediately surrounding the hall.
Marple Hall in ruins 10.2534 viewsBeams from the original farm house are now visible.
Dooley Lane Entrance to Marple Hall2442 viewsThe rear gates to Marple Hall, opposite the Hare and Hounds on Dooley Lane.
Updated from Marple Local History Society Archives 15 August 2010.
Marple Hall in ruins 11.2408 viewsSnow hides some of the debris.
Marple Hall in winter 2.2330 viewsAnother scene of the hall in snow with the Well House in the foreground.
View from the rear of Marple Hall.2324 viewsThe view from the back of the hall across Marple Dale to the River Goyt.
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