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Marple Hall Carriage LampA carriage lamp from Marple Hall given to The Marple Website in 2001 by a lady whose father had acquired it from the hall in the 1950s. Donated to Marple Local History Society in December 2023.Dec 19, 2023
Painting of Brabyns HallA painting of Brabyns Hall that once hung in the hall, donated to Marple Local History Society Archives in 2023 by Mary Moore.Dec 19, 2023
Painting of Marple HallA watercolour painting of Marple Hall.Apr 05, 2022
Painting of Marple HallA watercolour painting of Marple Hall.Apr 05, 2022
The Corn Mill 1937A young Jill Bennett (now Mrs Jill Watson) poses at the Corn Mill on Lakes Road for her father in August 1937.Jan 14, 2022
The Corn Mill 1937The Corn Mill on Lakes Road, provided by Mrs Jill Watson (nee Bennett). Taken by her father in August 1937.Jan 14, 2022
Marple Hall from the SouthA bookplate of Marple Hall from the south from Stockport Ancient and Modern by Heginbotham, published 1892. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Dec 07, 2021
Marple Hall from the SouthA classic shot of Marple Hall from the south. This one is wider angle than most and you can see more of the grounds too. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Mar 25, 2021

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Brabyns HallBrabyns Hall was built by Doctor Henry Brabin in 1749. The hall and estate were purchased by Nathaniel Wright in 1800 and he erected the historic Iron Bridge in 1813. The estate passed to the Hudson family in 1866 and on the death of Fanny Hudson, in 1941, was purchased by Marple Urban District Council. The estate opened as a park in 1949 and the hall was demolished in 1952. Click to read more about the Brabyns Estate.
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Brabyns Hall & Estate


During the Great War Brabyns Hall was used as a Military Hospital. Sadly, plans to turn the Hall into an Art Gallery, Museum, Reference Library or Assembly Hall, as a memorial to the local men who died in the war, were to fail, and it was demolished in 1952. The estate was turned into a public park in 1949 and today is owned by Stockport Metropolitan Council, and is a thriving asset, extensively used and highly valued by the people of Marple.

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Marple's Iron Bridge


Although the hall did not survive the destructive period in the 1950s and 60s when many of Marple's historic buildings were demolished, the Iron Bridge did. Today the bridge is the subject of a community driven restoration campaign that has successfully raised £556,000 to restore the bridge to its former glory. Click here to read more about the Iron Bridge.

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Iron Bridge Restoration


This new album will become a photographic record of the restoration of the Iron Bridge in Brabyns Park. The Iron Bridge Restoration Project is a partnership between the Marple Website, Marple Local History Society and Stockport Council. For more information about the Iron Bridge and the campaign for its restoration visit The Iron Bridge Project Diary.

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Scroll Bridge Restoration


The Scroll Bridge was orginally built a few years before the Iron Bridge, in 1804. That's around the same time that the Marple Locks were being completed. The bridge was badley damaged and partially demolished in 1991, when the Bailey bridge was installed. These photos chart its restoration in 2007.

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Marple HallMarple Hall was initially constructed in 1658. Its most famous (infamous?) resident was Judge John Bradshawe, (1602-1659) who presided over the Court of Justice that sentenced Charles I to death. The Bradshawe family continued to live there until it was inherited in 1940 by Christopher Isherwood, who almost immediately passed ownership to his younger brother, Richard. He was ill prepared and financially unable to look after the Hall and when the caretakers retired in 1953 it was left empty and became the target of thieves and vandals. This ultimately led to its demolition in 1959. These galleries show this magnificent home at its best and, sadly, its derelict worst. Click here to read more about Marple Hall.

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Marple Hall and outbuildings.


Photographs of Marple Hall and its outbuildings, from the heydays to the decay days. What might have been if these wonderful old buildings had been preserved just a few more years until people began to understand the value of our heritage?

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The interior and furnishings.


Interior shots of Marple Hall, including images from the catologue of the auction of the hall's contents in 1929. Click here to read more about the items sold at auction.

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The Jack Wilkinson Album - decline and demolition.


An album full of the saddest photographs but we're very grateful to have them to preserve the memories. These images were loaned by the family of the late Jack Wilkinson who recorded for posterity the final demise of Marple Hall.

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Commemoration, relics and souvenirs.


This album includes the commemorative date stone and plaque erected by Marple Civic Society and Marple Antiquarian Society (now Marple Local History Society). There are also a few other remnants of this once great Hall still to found and we have photographed and recorded as many as we can.

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Mellor MillSamuel Oldknow constructed Mellor Mill in 1790 on the bank of the River Goyt. The main mill building was an imposing structure with a central section six storeys high, 42 feet wide and 210 feet long. In order to supply water to the mill Oldknow literally reshaped the landscape and the Cheshire / Derbyshire border formed by the river. Click here to read more about Oldknow and Mellor Mill.
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Mellor Mill


Photographs, etchings and paintings of Mellor Mill in its glorious prime and unfortunate decline after the horrendous fire that destroyed it in 1892.

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Mellor and Marple Lodge and other Buildings


Oldknow built many other buildings near his mill, including a home for himself, Mellor Lodge, and another for the Mill Manager, Marple Lodge, on the opposite bank. Marple Lodge had a extensive ornamental garden running alongside the river, of which there are still a few traces if you look very closely.

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Mellor Lodge Plans


These are photographs of plans of Oldknow's home, Mellor Lodge, which he built for himself on the Mellor side of the River Goyt. They can't be originals, because they have a telephone number on them. We know nothing of their history but if anyone knows where these are now we'd love the opportunity to take them again without the flash!

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Listed Buildings ExhibitionIn 1993 Marple Civic Society held an exhibition featuring the Listed Buildings of Marple & District. The first album in this category contains all the photographs that were selected for display in the exhibition. New albums will also be added to include many others taken during the same period. This category is under construction.
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Civic Society Photos Exhibited in 1993.


This album contains 139 photographs that were exhibited by Marple Civic Society in 1993. The photos were taken over a period of approximately two years leading up to the exhibition. If you can tell us anything more about them, please get in touch.

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Most viewed - Historic Buildings
Sketch of Marple Hall from the ornamental lake.4976 viewsThis view is from Marple Dale, where there was an ornamental lake with steps leading down the bank from the hall. Updated from Marple Local History Society Archives 15 August 2010.
Brabyns Hall4250 viewsA view of the rear of Brabyns Hall from across the pond, which is still there.
Brabyns Hall3776 viewsAnother view of the rear of Brabyns Hall from across the pond.
Marple Hall from the main driveway.3695 viewsThe hall's decline is not yet apparent in this shot from the main drive at the front.
Marple Hall in ruins 1.3315 viewsThe hall begins to crumble.
Water Meetings Cottage3201 viewsWhere the Rivers Goyt and Etherow meet in Brabyns Park.
Marple Hall3190 viewsA full-on view showing the sundial and the balcony above the front door.
Marple Hall3177 viewsA shot of Marple Hall from the front provided by Betty Longmate, daughter of Betty Tunstall who lived there from 1923 to 1932 with her parents, the caretakers.

Random files - Historic Buildings
055 - Hollins HouseHollins House, Council Offices, Memorial Park, Marple.
From the 1993 Marple Civic Society exhibition of Listed Buildings.
042a - Bridge No. 1, Junction BridgeBridge No. 1, Junction Bridge, Macclesfield Canal.
From the 1993 Marple Civic Society exhibition of Listed Buildings.
2007-08-27 Before work startsThe south approach from Brabyns Park.
2007-09-03 29 Bailey Bridge RemovalIt looks better already.
2007-10-05 PrimerA coat of primer is applied to the Salford Iron Works lettering.
The Corn MillThe Corn Mill next to Mellor Mill, from Marple Local History Society Archives.
2008-06-22 Opening CeremonyMarple and Hawk Green Bands entertaining the large crowd. Photo Arthur Procter.
2008-06-06 Modern InterventionKnee posts are fitted alongside Iron Bridge Cottage.

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