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Last additions - Marple Hall
Marple Hall Rear DoorThe rear entrance door from Marple Hall, installed in Brook House, 1 Padden Brook, Romiley in the 1960s. Provided by Allan Walker.Apr 12, 2020
Marple Hall Rear DoorThe rear entrance door from Marple Hall, installed in Brook House, 1 Padden Brook, Romiley in the 1960s. Provided by Allan Walker.Apr 12, 2020
Marple Hall Rear DoorThe rear entrance door now at 1 Padden Brook in Romiley superimposed on the empty doorway of Marple Hall taken in 1958 by Gordon Mills after it was removed. Apr 12, 2020
Marple HallA familiar scene but the only photo with seating outside Marple Hall. Maybe from when it was open to the public. Provided by Janet Holmes.Apr 02, 2020
Marple Hall CottagesCottages attached to the stables at Marple Hall. Provided by Janet Holmes.Dec 24, 2015
Mrs Bradshawe IsherwoodMrs Bradshawe Isherwood of Marple Hall. On the back it says "My mother, from J. BI". It's most likely that the lady is Mary Ellen (nee Bellairs) mother of John Henry B-I but it may be Elizabeth Luce, wife of John Henry and mother of 3rd son John. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Sep 12, 2015
Marple Hall StablesMarple Hall Stables with a groom tending a horse. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Sep 12, 2015
Ornamental Pond at Marple HallThe "Hermitage" on the ornamental lake in the grounds of Marple Hall. Provided by Janet Holmes.May 23, 2015

Marple Hall and outbuildings.


Photographs of Marple Hall and its outbuildings, from the heydays to the decay days. What might have been if these wonderful old buildings had been preserved just a few more years until people began to understand the value of our heritage?

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The interior and furnishings.


Interior shots of Marple Hall, including images from the catologue of the auction of the hall's contents in 1929. Click here to read more about the items sold at auction.

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The Jack Wilkinson Album - decline and demolition.


An album full of the saddest photographs but we're very grateful to have them to preserve the memories. These images were loaned by the family of the late Jack Wilkinson who recorded for posterity the final demise of Marple Hall.

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Commemoration, relics and souvenirs.


This album includes the commemorative date stone and plaque erected by Marple Civic Society and Marple Antiquarian Society (now Marple Local History Society). There are also a few other remnants of this once great Hall still to found and we have photographed and recorded as many as we can.

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Most viewed - Marple Hall
Sketch of Marple Hall from the ornamental lake.4414 viewsThis view is from Marple Dale, where there was an ornamental lake with steps leading down the bank from the hall. Updated from Marple Local History Society Archives 15 August 2010.
Marple Hall from the main driveway.3145 viewsThe hall's decline is not yet apparent in this shot from the main drive at the front.
Marple Hall Layout2880 viewsHere's a plan view of the layout of Marple Hall to help orientate yourself when looking at some of the photos in this album. Updated on 22 August 2010 with a version showing more buildings.
Marple Hall2878 viewsA full-on view showing the sundial and the balcony above the front door.
Marple Hall2856 viewsA shot of Marple Hall from the front provided by Betty Longmate, daughter of Betty Tunstall who lived there from 1923 to 1932 with her parents, the caretakers.
Marple Hall in ruins 1.2831 viewsThe hall begins to crumble.
Marple Hall2799 viewsA unique view of Marple Hall showing that there were inner and outer entrance gates to the grounds immediately surrounding the hall.
Marple Hall in ruins 10.2389 viewsBeams from the original farm house are now visible.

Random files - Marple Hall
Marple Hall Main StaircaseThe main staircase at Marple Hall in all its magnificence, 1902.
Painting listed in 1929 auction cataloguePainting of Sir John and Lady Done leaning on the stairs in the Entrance Hall of Marple Hall - probably on its way to auction.
Marple Hall Entrance HallPriceless relics lie in the entrance hall to Marple Hall.
Updated from Marple Local History Society Archives 15 August 2010.
Marple Hall in DecayA view from the gates showing Marple Hall in an advanced state of decay.
Marple Hall Date Stone 1979The Marple Hall date stone before it was re-erected to commemorate the site of the hall. From the Marple Civic Society Archives, dated 1979.
The site of Marple HallThe site of Marple Hall today is a quiet and peaceful greenspace with some spectacular trees and shrubs.
Marple Hall from the rearThe back of Marple Hall in 1902, showing a huge amount of room between the building and the cliff edge.
Marple Hall in RuinsA last look back at the loss of our heritage.

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