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Most viewed - The Jack Wilkinson Album - decline and demolition.
Marple Hall from the main driveway.2893 viewsThe hall's decline is not yet apparent in this shot from the main drive at the front.
Marple Hall in ruins 1.2601 viewsThe hall begins to crumble.
Marple Hall in ruins 10.2175 viewsBeams from the original farm house are now visible.
Marple Hall in ruins 11.2095 viewsSnow hides some of the debris.
View from the rear of Marple Hall.2060 viewsThe view from the back of the hall across Marple Dale to the River Goyt.
Marple Hall in winter 2.2045 viewsAnother scene of the hall in snow with the Well House in the foreground.
Marple Hall in Ruins2029 viewsA final view through the gates and little remains.
Marple Hall in winter 1.2026 viewsThe hall and stables with clock tower off to the left, with a coating of snow.
Marple Hall in ruins 2.1972 viewsThe gates have gone and vandals and souvenir hunters have done their worst.
Marple Hall rear view 1.1957 viewsThe long grass at the rear of the hall is the only obvious sign of decline.
Marple Hall rear view 2.1883 viewsThe undergrowth begins to take over at the rear.
Marple Hall in ruins 12.1860 viewsThe main hall is now nothing but rubble.
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