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Last additions - Marple Childrens' Orthopaedic Hospital
Exterior of 'Treetops' Hospital A postcard showing "Treetops" soon after it was built. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Dec 19, 2014
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1950-52Susan Harding is is the young girl with Matron Parkinson in the grounds of Treetops between 1950-52. The young boy is not known. Provided by Susan Magee (nee Harding) in 2013.Oct 28, 2013
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1950-52Susan Harding with an unknown nurse in the grounds of Treetops between 1950-52. Provided by Susan Magee (nee Harding) in 2013.Oct 28, 2013
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1950 Susan HardingA photo of Susan Harding at Treetops taken for her grandparents in 1950. Provided by Susan Magee (nee Harding) in 2013.Oct 28, 2013
Syddall, Jennifer 1961Jennifer Syddall (in red) aged 12 at Treetops in January 1961 when she was a patient. Jenny (now Daniel) was being visited by her best friend Irene and says that she had her hair done the night before.Feb 22, 2013
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital StaffStaff at Treetops: front Mrs Dibbs, L to R, Susan Myers (nee Dawson), Staff Nurse Cherry, Elsie (nee Kirkpatrick) and an unknown student. Provided by David Myers.Jan 24, 2011
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1970sA retirement presentation at Treetops Hospital for Miss Swinfin, with Matron Hamilton and Admin Matron Howie. Other staff names include: Sisters Brierly, Siddall, Heyes, SEN Bradbury, Aux Winrow, Aux Howard, May Garrett (kitchen) and Mary (sewing lady). Provided by David Myers. Jan 24, 2011
Treetops at Senior Citizens Hall?A photo taken at the same time as another in the Treetops folder. Mr & Mrs Sanderson are seated far left. The man with the chain is Chairman of the Council Cllr. Edward Sandall, behind his wife Gertrude(?). From Marple Local History Society Archives.Nov 28, 2010
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1949-51Ken Chaisty, who was at the hospital between 1949 and 1951, on the veranda at Treetops with his mother.Oct 31, 2010
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1949-51Ken Chaisty (left) during his stay at Treetops from 1949 to 1951 with a friend he made there called Roger Waters. Ken wonders if his pal became the famous singer / guitarist with Pink Floyd, or if they simply shared the same name.Oct 31, 2010
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1949-51This is Ken Chaisty, who stayed at Treetops between 1949 and 1951. He would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.Oct 31, 2010
Children's Orthopaedic Hospital 1950-52Matron Miss W. Parkinson with a young patient identified in 2013 as Susan Harding (now Magee) in the grounds of Treetops. From Marple Local History Society Archives.Aug 21, 2010
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