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Whitfield, EdwinEdwin Whitfield, of Derby St. Marple, is the elevated figure behind the front Row. His son Joseph said this was taken in Marple but the date (c1910?) and location is unknown. Edwin never served in the Armed Services so this photo is a bit of a mystery to grandson Derek Whitfield, who provided it.
Whitfield, EdwinChauffeur Edwin Whitfield around 1902. It is thought that the two ladies could be Misses Sidebotham, who he worked for. It was also thought that the location could be Beamsmoor on Hibbert Lane, which they owned. It was demolished in 1980/81 but former neighbours have advised that this is not it. Provided by grandson Derek Whitfield.
Whitfield, JosephJoseph Whitfield, of Derby St. Marple, is the scout to the right lying down. Unfortunately none of the others are known. Provided by son Derek Whitfield.
Whitfield, JosephJoseph Whitfield, of Derby St. Marple, is second scout from right. The others are unknown. The picture was provided by son Derek Whitfield, who understood from his father that it was taken in Marple.
Wild Family CarThe Wild family and their new car 1927.
Will Buck and familyWill Buck and family including J.S.Collings-Wells (left). circa 1905.
Willows School Pupils 1960sWillows School pupils dancing in the 1960s, taken by Jim Graves. From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Wilson, Mr & MrsThe Wilsons behind the bar of "The Log Cabin" (Moorfield) from Marple Local History Society Archives.
Workers from the Goyt MillWorkers from the Goyt Mill in 1956 L to R: Dorothy Chatterton, Maureen Coffey, Graham Hurst, Pat Cross, Beryl Noble (nee Jodrell).
Yarwood - Scott Wedding 1933The wedding of James Yarwood and Emma Scott at the Ridge Chapel in 1933. Provided by Louise Yarwood.
Yarwood, James and DavidJames Yarwood with son David on Hawk Green Cricket Pitch. provided by Louise Yarwood.
Yarwood, James and EmmaJames Yarwood and Emma Yarwood at Hazel View overlooking Hawk Green Cricket Ground. Provided by Louise Yarwood.
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