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Macnair, Frank Gordon c1935Dr Frank Macnair with children at Marple Orthopaedic Hospital in c1935, where he was Medical Officer. Provided by son Andrew Macnair, see comments for more information.
Macnair, Frank Gordon c1945Dr Frank Macnair was a GP, between about about 1932 and 1947, based at Charlecote, on Church Lane and later in Winnington Road. He was also Medical Officer for the Marple Orthopaedic Hospital and worked part time at Stockport Infirmary. Provided by son Andrew. See comments for more information.
Mark SingletonMark Singleton, now proprieter of the Ring o' Bells, twirls his baton on Chadwick Street.
Marple Baths DanceA Marple Baths Dance in 1955 with (L-R) David Oliver, Ann Jackson, Peter Barber, Ray Noble, Pat Berry & Hilary Fortenum.
Marple Boys Brigade c1955Another Boys Brigade P.T. Team provided by Hilary Atkinson but date unknown. Brother Leslie Atkinson is front row 2nd from right on this one. See comment for other names known.
Marple Boys Brigade c1955The winning Team Church Boys Brigade P.T. Competition 1955. Photo provided by Hilary Atkinson, whose brother Leslie Atkinson is front row 2nd from left. See comments for most of the other names.
Marple Boys Brigade on ParadeMarple Boys Brigade on Parade somewhere in Marple not yet identified, probably c1955. Leslie Atkinson is centre looking at camera. Provided by Hilary Atkinson.
Marple Boys Brigade on ParadeMarple Boys Brigade on Parade going past the corner of Market Street, probably c1955. Leslie Atkinson is blowing the cornet. Provided by Hilary Atkinson.
Marple Bridge BobbyThe village Bobby (The Norfolk Arms in the background).
Marple Bridge Co Op VehicleThis is Marple Bridge Coop's first petrol driven vehicle - the stable boy at the rear doesn't look too impressed!
Marple Bridge Congo Sunday SchoolMr Alec Humphries surrounded by ladies of Marple Bridge Congo Sunday School. See comment for text of a note with this photo. From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Marple Bridge Home GuardMarple Bridge Home Guard take a break on Oldknow Road, Marple.
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