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Mellor Mill 2016Mellor Mill foundations exposed by Mellor Archaeological Trust. Phot Arthur Procter.55555
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The Corn MillThe Corn Mill next to Mellor Mill, from Marple Local History Society Archives.55555
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After the Fire 2We think this less clear photo is older than No.1, as the walls of the mill are much higher.55555
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Mellor MillA superb photograph of Mellor Mill in it prime.55555
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Mellor Mill from the rear.A similar shot from the rear of Mellor Mill but with a very smart gentleman. The mill manager perhaps?44444
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Mellor Mill from the RearRear view of Mellor Mill reflected in the mill pond, which is still there today.44444
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The Corn MillThe Corn Mill was separate to the main mill and survived much longer, not being demolished until the 1930s.33333
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After the Fire 1A clear photo of Mellor Mill after the fire in 1892. To the left is the Corn Mill, which was still intact after the fire.33333
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The Corn MillA newspaper cutting of Oldknow's Corn Mill during its final days of dereliction.33333
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Mellor Mill from the RearRear view of Mellor, or Bottoms Mill annotated
"One of the oldest cotton mills in the world, destroyed by fire 1893."
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Mellor Mill Oil PaintingPhoto of the original oil painting by Manchester artist Joseph Parry (1744 to 1826). The engraving of the Mill was based on this painting. Click the image for a larger version.33333
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Mellor Mill Oil Painting Close UpClose up photograph of the mill itself in the painting that was the inspiration for the well known etching of Mellor Mill by F. Jukes. Is that Samuel Oldknow in the doorway? Click image for a larger version.33333
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