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Pineapple Inn2362 viewsThe Pineapple Inn on Market Street.
Field House2360 viewsField House, sadly demolished just a few years ago.
Strines Print Works?2358 viewsThis photo is from the Strines Print Works folder in Marple Local History Society Archives. It's thought that they may be a group of Manchester scientists. Names available are: Standing from left to right - 1 J.B. Dancer; 3 T.H. Neville; 5 J.P. Joule. See comments for more information.
Aqueduct House2351 viewsA sepia shot of Aqueduct House.
From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Military Hospital Extension2338 viewsTents must have been set up in the park to house additional WW1 casualties when the house was full.
Procter's Shoe Shop on Market Street2338 viewsSid Procter outside his shoe shop on Market Street in 1987, taken by son Arthur. For more pictures of Sid inside his shop visit the People albums.
Lower Fold2330 viewsLower Fold, Marple Bridge, from a 1960s postcard.
The Garden House2328 viewsThe Garden House stood near Mellor Lodge, off Lakes Road. In 1881 it was home to unemployed Engine Driver William Smith, his wife Sarah and their 8 children between the ages of 3 and 18.
Cruck Barn2326 viewsThe old Cruck Barn at Mill Brow, Marple Bridge.
Marple Station2324 viewsMarple Station just prior to demolition.
Soldiers' Nob2299 viewsSoldiers' Nob, Mellor (Cobden Edge).
By the Roman Bridge2255 viewsA hand coloured postcard of the approach to Roman Bridge, c1910.
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