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Horseshoe Inn3054 viewsThe Horseshoe Inn and Lower Fold, Marple Bridge.
Lower Fold2868 viewsLower Fold, Marple Bridge, from a 1960s postcard.
Lower Fold2397 viewsLower Fold, Marple Bridge, in quieter times. From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Low Lea Road2292 viewsA view looking down Low Lea Road, Marple Bridge, taken in 1959.
Marple Bridge2157 viewsA handcoloured shot of Marple Bridge from a Souvenir of Marple Booklet.
Heys Farm1912 viewsHeys Farm, Marple Bridge, in the area between Glossop Road, Ley Lane and Constable Drive.
Hollins Lane1816 viewsHollins Lane, Marple Bridge.
Castle Brow1805 viewsA newspaper cutting showing the widening of Compstall Road, between Marple Bridge and the Windsor Castle, date unknown.
Sunnybank House1741 viewsSunnybank House, off Hollins Lane, Marple Bridge. This photo is wrongly labelled in MLHS archives as "Ludworth House" - a house in Ludworth - somewhere near Cote Green? The correct info was provided by David Myers, who used to live in a flat there. From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Marple Bridge1716 viewsA pleasant sepia view looking up Brabyns Brow from Marple Bridge. The cottage in the centre of the picture is believed to have been the doctor's house.
Windsor Castle Pub1651 viewsThe Windsor Castle Public House in Marple Bridge viewed from the Football Ground.
Brabyns Brow, Marple Bridge1614 viewsA great shot of the wall around Brabyns Estate looking up Brabyns Brow from Marple Bridge. The postmark is hard to make out but looks like 1930.
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