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Mellor Mill Oil Painting Close Up2045 viewsClose up photograph of the mill itself in the painting that was the inspiration for the well known etching of Mellor Mill by F. Jukes. Is that Samuel Oldknow in the doorway? Click image for a larger version.
Mellor Mill from the rear.1988 viewsA similar shot from the rear of Mellor Mill but with a very smart gentleman. The mill manager perhaps?
Tom Oldham Model of Mellor Mill1951 viewsTom Oldham's family hand over his model of Mellor Mill to Ann Hearle of Marple Local History Society. From the Society's Archives.
After the Fire 11849 viewsA clear photo of Mellor Mill after the fire in 1892. To the left is the Corn Mill, which was still intact after the fire.
The Corn Mill1848 viewsA newspaper cutting of Oldknow's Corn Mill during its final days of dereliction.
Mellor Mill Oil Painting1718 viewsPhoto of the original oil painting by Manchester artist Joseph Parry (1744 to 1826). The engraving of the Mill was based on this painting. Click the image for a larger version.
Mellor Mill1717 viewsA superb photograph of Mellor Mill in it prime.
Mellor Mill from the Rear1406 viewsRear view of Mellor Mill reflected in the mill pond, which is still there today.
After the Fire 21337 viewsWe think this less clear photo is older than No.1, as the walls of the mill are much higher.
The Corn Mill1321 viewsThe Corn Mill was separate to the main mill and survived much longer, not being demolished until the 1930s.
Mellor Mill Engraving1168 viewsA poor copy of an engraving of Mellor Mill by F. Jukes. It was done from an original oil painting by J. Parry, a Manchester artist, which we now have photos of too.
Oldknow Stables1144 viewsDate stone on Oldknow's Stables, from Marple Local History Society Archives.
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