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Marple Hall in ruins 1.The hall begins to crumble.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall drive 2.The drive from Hilltop.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall drive 1.The drive to Marple Hall, not a house in sight.Apr 16, 2006
View from the rear of Marple Hall.The view from the back of the hall across Marple Dale to the River Goyt.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall stables.Jack's dog Sandy admires the architecture.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall rear view 2.The undergrowth begins to take over at the rear.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall rear view 1.The long grass at the rear of the hall is the only obvious sign of decline.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall in winter 2.Another scene of the hall in snow with the Well House in the foreground.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall in winter 1.The hall and stables with clock tower off to the left, with a coating of snow.Apr 16, 2006
Marple Hall from the main driveway.The hall's decline is not yet apparent in this shot from the main drive at the front.Apr 16, 2006
Sketch of Marple Hall from the ornamental lake.This view is from Marple Dale, where there was an ornamental lake with steps leading down the bank from the hall. Updated from Marple Local History Society Archives 15 August 2010.Apr 16, 2006
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