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The Banana ManThe Banana Man, clearly a man of influence.Jul 18, 2006
Great Granny ElliotGt. Granny Elliot again only this time at the rear of Wilds (now C&C Builders Merchant) St James Terrace. Hollins Lane can be seen over the fields in the background.Jul 18, 2006
Great Granny ElliotGreat Granny Elliot stands outside the cash office of Wilds Coal Merchant of Stockport Rd in 1928.Jul 18, 2006
Trinity MethodistsThe Trinity Methodists just prior to an outing at the turn of the last century - Sack the man on the right for losing his hat!Jul 18, 2006
Marple BandMarple Band strike a pose outside Marple Liberal Club - 1920s.Jul 18, 2006
Taking Tea on Low Lea RoadFour lovely ladies stop for tea on Low Lea Road on the way to Marple's Roman Lakes.Jul 18, 2006
Trinity Methodist PantomimeAll dressed up for the Trinity Methodist Pantomime.Jul 18, 2006
Marple Girl GuidesThe girl sitting on the pony is Beryl Bowden (now Bradley). The girl in the background with hands on hips is Winifred Garside but the girl holding the pony (Honey) is not known. They are at the rear of the Trinity Primitive Methodist Chapel on Market St.Jul 18, 2006
Marple Bridge Co Op VehicleThis is Marple Bridge Coop's first petrol driven vehicle - the stable boy at the rear doesn't look too impressed!Jul 18, 2006
J H Wild - Coal Merchants VehicleTaken in 1921 this is the first petrol driven vehicle aquired by J H Wild, Coal Merchants of Marple.Jul 18, 2006
Marple Group OutingA Marple Group go on an outing in the 1920s.Jul 18, 2006
W. B. Hodgkinson Retirement February 1920The second of a pair of photos of the staff at Hollins Mill during W. B. Hodgkinson's retirement - the key to joining this and the previous picture is the man at the front with the large moustache.Jul 18, 2006
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