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Hawk Green GoatView from near the Old Farm on Hawk Green. Goats and cattle roamed the Green or were tethered to posts. Provided by Mrs. Selma Fielding.
Hawk Green GroupA large group of people on the corner of Hawk Green Road.
Hawk Green PostcardA card of its time: "This is where all the money goes in Hawk Green." Not sure what that's all about! Provided by Janet Holmes.
Hawk Green Reading RoomHawk Green Reading Room in 1997. From Marple Local History Society Archives.
Hawk Green Recreation GroundHawk Green Recreation Ground is rarely photographed from this side. Does this image provided by John Kershaw show Shepley Mill Chimney in the background?
Hawk Green Terrace"Home Sweet Home" - Brick Row at Hawk Green it says on the card.
Hawk Green TriangleA very bleak 1900s postcard of Hawk Green looking towards Barnsfold Road and the small green triangle that is still there today.
Hill Top FarmHill Top Farm, Hawk Green looks little different today.
Hill Top FarmHill Top Farm, provided by Janet Holmes.
Hill Top Farm c1950Hill Top Farm c1950 when still owned and worked as a farm by George Watson. Provided by Alan McFall / Edmund Wilkinson.
Hill Top Farm c2017Hill Top Farm photographed in November 2017 for comparison to older photos. Provided by Alan McFall.
House at Hawk GreenA house at Hawk Green, from Marple Local History Society Archives.
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