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Marple Firefighters 1990sRTA early 90s. George Ford, Bill Ardern & Ken Rowbottom.00000
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Marple Firefighters 1989Marple Fire Station versus the Airport Fire Station at cricket 1989. We Won!!00000
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Waterside BoathousesBoathouses on Waterside, courtesy of the Basil Juda collection.00000
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Marple from the AirEarly 1960s view of Marple from the air centred on Top Lock and the marina. Click photo for a larger version.
Updated with new image from Marple Local History Society Archives 27 March 2010.
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Inside 'Treetops' HospitalA c1930's Christmas in the girls' ward at Marple Children's Orthopaedic Hospital.00000
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Lads at Roman LakesThe date of this shot is uncertain but the gents at the back are, L to R, local butcher David White, Mr. Sewitt, owner of the Lakes, and the man with glasses is Mr Ozzy Tettsell.00000
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Christmas in Hollins Mill CanteenAnyone for a brew! Christmas in the Hollins Mill Canteen, early 1950s.00000
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Marple Hall from the SouthOne of many shots of Marple Hall taken from this angle, showing a walled garden to the side of the house.00000
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Hawk Green Bonfire 2007Fireworks at Hawk Green Bonfire, 5th November 2007. Photo by Arthur Procter.00000
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Carnival Parade 2007Stockport Carnival Princess. Photo by Ray Noble.00000
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2007-10-05 PrimerThe inner and outer rings at the south abutment gleaming with their new coat of primer.00000
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Roman LakesThe sender has kindly dated this card 17th December 1909. In the background is a motor boat as well as rowing boats.00000
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