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Last additions - Roman Lakes
Roman BridgeThree young girls pose on Roman Bridge. Isn't the water amazing due to the long exposure. Dated 1906.Aug 26, 2006
Roman BridgeA hand coloured shot of the Roman Bridge with a painting like quality.Aug 26, 2006
Roman BridgeA family pose on Roman Bridge in their Sunday best. Postmarked 1909.Aug 26, 2006
Roman BridgeGoing milking? The second card to feature this man with his pails. This card is postmarked 1906.Aug 26, 2006
Roman BridgeGoing milking? One of a pair of postcards featuring this gentleman. This card is postmarked 1905.Aug 26, 2006
Railway ViaductThe Railway Viaduct at Roman Lakes viewed from the direction of Roman Bridge.Aug 13, 2006
Roman BridgeA group of ladies pose on the Roman Bridge.Aug 13, 2006
Marple WoodThe caption says 'in Marple Wood', so we're guessing its the Roman Lakes area. Just look at their Sunday best clothes!Aug 13, 2006
View over Roman LakesAnother view over Roman Lakes showing boaters at play.Aug 05, 2006
View over Roman LakesA superb view of Roman Lakes. Is this what it used to look like from Oldknow's Seat?Aug 05, 2006
Roman LakesAnother boating scene on Roman Lakes.Aug 05, 2006
Roman BridgeNote the derelict condition of the rails in this picture of Roman Bridge.Aug 04, 2006
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